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Parcel Delivery

Freight Transportation

KTEL THESSALONIKI S.A. has an appropriate parcel shipping service (from Athens to Thessaloniki and vice versa), with a network of supply agents, handling all parcel loading, storage and disposal.

Our delivery service is the quickest and cheapest way in shipping parcels. If you want to send an item:

From Athens to Thessaloniki

  • 100, Kifissou Ave. tel: +30210-5124563
  • Pedion Areos tel: +30210-8226037

Your parcel will be in Thessaloniki within 6 hours.

From Thessaloniki to Athens

  • 69, Monastiriou St. tel: +30210-514812
  • Macedonia Station, 244 Giannitsa Street tel: +302310-595470

Your parcel will be in Athens within 6 hours.

Shipment cost is subject to dimensional weight and packaging. By any standard, it is the cheapest and quickest in the market.

Check for “KTEL THESSALONIKIS” liabilities concerning parcel delivery, on the next section “Postal Liabilities”.

KTEL THESSALONIKIS S.A., is handling station-to-station unaccompanied parcel and luggage shipment, as well as accompanied hand baggage of a total value not exceeding the amount of €100, thus is liable for indemnity not exceeding to an amount of €100, in the event of an item being lost, partially rifled or damaged for any reason. In case you carry or send an article of greater value, please inform our staff so that its delivery is not supported, else ways the particular item is sent at your own risk and responsibility.

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