Parcel Delivery

ATTENTION: In any case, the carriers are not responsible for the theft or loss of passengers’ personal belongings during transport. (Decision Α27733/2213, Government Gazette 1181/19-6-2015, Article 4, Paragraph 3)

The “KTEL Thessaloniki S.A.” offers an organized parcel delivery service between Athens and Thessaloniki and vice versa, through a network of warehouse agents, for loading, storage, and transportation of parcels.

Sending parcels with our company is the fastest and most economical way to send parcels. If you want to send a parcel:

From Athens to Thessaloniki

  • Kifisou 100, telephone: 210-5124563
  • Your package will arrive in Thessaloniki in 7-8 hours.

From Thessaloniki to Athens

  • Monastiriou 28, inside the OSE building, telephone: 2310-514812
  • Macedonia Giannitsa, Station 244 Telephone.: 2310-595470

Your package will arrive in Athens in 7-8 hours.

The cost of shipping the package depends on its weight, dimensions, and packaging. In any case, it is the cheapest and fastest option on the market.

See the responsibilities of “K.T.E.L. THESSALONIKI S.A.” regarding the transportation of parcels in the next section “Transportation Responsibilities”.

K.T.E.L. THESSALONIKI S.A.” undertakes the transport of unaccompanied parcels and luggage, as well as accompanied hand luggage, up to the amount of one hundred (100) euros. For this reason, it is responsible for compensation only up to the amount of one hundred (100) euros in case of loss, damage, or any other reason. In case you are transporting or sending items of higher value, please inform our staff to avoid us taking responsibility for their transport. Otherwise, the package will travel at your own risk and responsibility.