Passenger Rights Regulation

“Passenger Rights Regulation”

The “Passenger Rights Regulation for Regular and Extraordinary Road Passenger Transport Services and for Fixed-Track Modes of Transport” was published in the Government Gazette (Official Journal of the Hellenic Republic) in issue B’ 1181 on June 19, 2015, and it came into effect.

Specifically, with the Passenger Rights Regulation, which pertains to public transportation (buses, electric railway, metro, tram, etc.), the following provisions are established:

Passenger rights, including their rights in cases of cancellation, delay, or accidents that occur during the use of public road transportation and result in the death or injury of passengers or the loss or damage to their luggage.

The obligations of carriers, including the operation of a passenger complaint-handling mechanism, the establishment of guidelines and training procedures for carrier personnel who have direct contact with the traveling public to raise awareness of disability issues, payment of compensation to passengers, etc.

The terms of service provided by public transport and other passenger transport service providers to passengers.

Specific rules that public transport operators must adhere to when providing transportation services by buses and coaches, with a particular emphasis on avoiding discrimination (both direct and indirect) among passengers, providing all relevant general information about the route and terms of transportation, and more.

The minimum information regarding the executed route that must be provided to passengers.