Our Fleet

The fleet of KTEL THESSALONIKI S.A. as of March 2023 consists of 216 buses, including urban, intercity, tourist, and private buses, from the following manufacturers:

  • MAN
  • BOVA
  • NEOPLAN, etc.
The buses operated by KTEL THESSALONIKI S.A. for regular public transportation are required to be painted orange and display the company’s logo.
All buses are equipped with air conditioning, and intercity and tourist buses have spacious luggage compartments.

All buses operating on the Thessaloniki – Athens route are equipped with the most modern systems for air conditioning, heating, ventilation, braking, stabilization, suspension, and feature Euro 5+ or 6 engines for low environmental impact, as well as safety belts.

All buses on the Thessaloniki – Athens route are equipped with Wi-Fi, GPS, CD players, video and DVD players, plain or TFT screens, USB connections, and a mobile phone for the driver for emergency communication in case a passenger does not have one.