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Conditions of Ticket Issue

  1. Passengers should arrive at the bus station 30 minutes before their scheduled departure.
  2. A right to transportation is only applied to passengers with a valid ticket. Concerning electronic tickets, a validly issued electronic ticket must be presented (received in a confirmation e-mail) with a distinct number and reservation details.
  3. A ticket can only be used for the indicated route (place of departure to place of destination and intermediate stops). The fare paid by the passenger relates to the route and seat described and is part of a Transportation Agreement between the carrier (company) and the passenger.
  4. Tickets are considered items of value. Passengers are advised to store tickets with care, avoiding their loss or theft.
  5. A modified or altered ticket (with any alteration or modification not made by the issuing company), is not considered valid and should be re-issued.
  6. Any ticket that was lost or damaged, wholly or partly, can be replaced with a newly issued ticket, according to the company policy, provided that the issue of a valid ticket can be proven and that the ticket in question has not expired.
  7. The passenger must carry the ticket during his/her journey and to present it to the driver or conductor upon request.
  8. A passenger in benefit of a fare discount (of specified conditions: large family card, student card etc.) must carry all necessary documents for validation. In the case a passenger does not carry a discount proof he will be asked to pay a remaining amount.
  9. Return tickets are valid for three (3) months from their date of issue. The passenger should submit the specified ticket at the place of departure for its issue by an appropriate officer.
  10. Tickets are valid for transportation within a period of three (3) months from the date of issue. In case a passenger is not able to travel within the specified period, the time range can be extended or he/she has a right to a refund, depending on the company policy and upon conciliation.
  11. In case a passenger is not present at the specified date of departure, the company will return part of the transition fare, depending on its policy and upon conciliation.
  12. A ticket can be amended in terms of date of travel or transferred to another person with no additional cost, as long as tickets are issued by a company officer. In case of a ticket change request, the passenger is requested to contact the company at least 24 hours prior to his/her departure. The company will make every considerable effort in transferring him to a different route.
  13. Route times are subject to change. Passengers are advised to verify that routes will as depart on schedule.
  14. Seat arrangement can vary according to bus model.
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