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Athens/Pireaus – Thessaloniki Tickets

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Ticket price list (from Athens & Piraeus to Thessaloniki)
Single Not eligible to reduced far. 45€ 65€
Student International University students,private and public “IEK” college scholars as well as students of the Merchant Marine Academy, military privates and officers, all uniformed personnel, unemployed, seniors over 60, European Youth Card holders (to be presented upon request). 35€ 55€
Half price / Student Domestic students, ISIC card holders, Reduced mobility or disabled passengers, three-child and large family parents (must have a valid association card),  children of 12 years of age and over with a registered seat. 25€ 45€
Free Children up to 6 years of age (not seated). All uniformed and military personnel traveling on official business, possessing a certified “movement order“ , “travel warrant” or “marching order” issued by their service. 0€ 0€

Though Ticket flat rate is at €46,8, the company is still offering reduced prices for all, as stated above. It also has the right to offer even lower prices than the fixed €46,8 rate. Reduced prices are valid on Thessaloniki to Athens routes (and vice versa) including all intermediate stops.

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