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KTEL Thessaloniki S.A. cooperation with the international student card ISIC

17 November 2016 | Press Releases
KTEL Thessaloniki S.A. cooperation with the international student card ISIC

KTEL THESSALONIKI S.A. supports young people and continues to provide, within its pricing policy, specific offers that facilitate their movements.

We are pleased to announce that we have signed an agreement with the international ISIC agency (International Student Identity Card). Holders of "Student ISIC Card" can travel to Athens and Thessaloniki with a 50% ​​discount on their tickets. Offer starts from 17.11.2016.

The "Student Card ISIC» is an entertainment tool, communication and information of students worldwide. It is one discount card that provides significant benefits to millions of students around the world and issued by the ISIC Association.

The ISIC Association is a nonprofit organization based in Amsterdam and responsible for ISIC: International Student Identity Card / International Student Identity Card.

The ISIC supports students, privileges and discounts offered worldwide during their student life both within their country and in other countries when traveling.

Through the wide range of opportunities and privileges that are available to ISIC holders, the ISIC Association promotes world culture and culture, encourage cultural exchange and international understanding. For this reason, since 1968 the ISIC under the auspices of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) which maintain close cooperation.

The ISIC manages and directs the head ISIC Global Office B.V in the Netherlands which provides dealers in each country responsible for the sale, distribution and promotion, as well as for the development of privileges and benefits locally.

Show your ISIC card at the ticket offices of KTEL THESSALONIKI SA and get 50% discount!

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