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Corporate Updates

18 11, 2014

Stavrou-Asprovaltas agency relocation

Corporate Updates
Starting from December 1st 2014, the Stavrou-Asprovaltas agency will be relocated/move from 17, Eirinis St., Vardaris to the “MACEDONIA” Intercity bus[...]
25 05, 2014

Ticket purchase by credit card

Corporate Updates
We would like to inform our passengers that apart from 67, Monastiriou St. (Thessaloniki) and 100, Kifisou St., you can now additionally purchase your[...]
07 02, 2014

Pet transport with KTEL THESSALONIKIS S.A.

Corporate Updates
Circular on pet transport using intercity KTEL buses. The owner is required to carry all necessary health documents, updated in the last two years. Al[...]
13 05, 2013

50% Student Discount

Corporate Updates
KTEL THESSALONIKIS is offering a 50% discount to all students traveling from their place of residence to their place of study (and vice versa). 50% di[...]
01 03, 2013

European Youth Card

Corporate Updates
A 25% fare reduction to all European Youth Card holders traveling on Thessaloniki – Athens route (and vice versa), is now applied. More information on[...]
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