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Corporate Updates

10 04, 2015

KTEL Thessalonikis wish you a very happy Easter!

Corporate Updates
May the ressurection of our Lord englight our souls and bring hope for a better future. Happy Easter to everyone!
17 03, 2015

Certificate entrance fee

Corporate Updates
Press here for downloading:ΒΕΒΑΙΩΣΗ ΑΝΤΙΤΙΜΟΥ
13 01, 2015

“Three-child family” association card’s expiry date check

Corporate Updates
Sender: “Three-child” family Association of Polykastro Description: First of all, we would like to thank you for the honor of reducing so generously,[...]
23 12, 2014

Christmas and New Year’s Eve 14/15 routes

Corporate Updates
Informing all KTEL THESSALONIKIS passengers traveling from Thessaloniki to Athens and from Athens to Thessaloniki during the holiday season that the s[...]
28 11, 2014

Passenger service for The Municipality of Thessaloniki

Corporate Updates
As part of the transfer of all Thessaloniki Prefecture lines terminuses; we would like to inform our customers that from the “MACEDONIA” terminus at 2[...]
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