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Pet transport with KTEL THESSALONIKIS S.A.

07 February 2014 | Corporate Updates
Pet transport with KTEL THESSALONIKIS S.A.

Circular on pet transport using intercity KTEL buses.

The owner is required to carry all necessary health documents, updated in the last two years.

All animals accompanying individuals with disabilities are transported regardless of size, not placed in a basket. A muzzle is mandatorily used throughout the duration of the transport.

Animals (small pets) not belonging to persons with disabilities, are all animals of ten (10) kilograms maximum permitted weight, traveling within a special case (pet carrier) of dimensions 50X40X35 centimeters, compulsorily arranged within the passenger compartment. Transportation of animals in the luggage hold is not permitted. In the case that a small animal is placed inside your baggage, without being declared to our company staff, its shipment is carried out exclusively on your responsibility, given that KTEL THESSALONIKIS has no particular right to search your baggage.

Animals transported, should be placed on bus aisles near their owners.

Pet-transport available routes are:

From Thessaloniki to Athens: 08:30,16:30,21:00 tel. +302310-500111, +302310-595411

From Athens to Thessaloniki: 06:30,13:30,21:00 τel. +30210-5150025, +30210-8225148


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