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Announcement for Sunday 12th of January 2017

09 February 2017 | Corporate Updates
Announcement for Sunday 12th of January 2017

“Macedonia” Bus station will be closed from 10 am to 3 pm, because of the bomb removal operation, found in Kordelio after decision of the coordinating authorities of the region. At the ticket offices and the warehouses of the station there will be our bus agents ready to inform passengers. The same information will be provided by our calling center to everybody that is going to call us.
Until the end of the bomb removal operation there will be no bus routes departing and arriving to “Mecedonia” Bus station.


1) The services Thessaloniki - Athens, will depart from the new facilities of KTEL THESSALONIKI SA that are located inside the RAILWAY STATION building of THESSALONIKI at Monastiriou 28. The same will happen for buses arriving from Athens, which will terminate at the NEW RAILWAY STATION

2)Routes (STAVROS, ASPROVALTA, ZAGLIVERI etc.) will depart and will arrive at the NEW RAIL STATION (Monastiriou 28)
Our company calls for understanding of the traveling public, for these small changes.


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