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50% Student Discount

13 May 2013 | Corporate Updates
50% Student Discount

KTEL THESSALONIKIS is offering a 50% discount to all students traveling from their place of residence to their place of study (and vice versa).

50% discount (from the 25% applied so far) for students traveling from/to their place of study from/to their place of residence, as presented on their STUDENT PASS (“TICKET CARD” note must be indicated, as exampled). Only holders of an electronic ACADEMIC CARD are eligible for discount, as noted (“TICKET CARD”) below the “ACADEMIC ID” reference. Students with a valid ID (should indicate “SCHOOL LOCATION: ATHENS” and “PLACE OF RESIDENCE: THESSALONIKI” or vice versa, with “Athens” and “Thessaloniki” referring to the entire former Prefectures of Athens and Attica and now Regional Units of Thessaloniki and Attica), are also eligible for a 50% discount. Given a standard ticket price is 42 euros, a 50% discount on ticket fares results in a 21 euro fee for a single transfer and 42 for return.

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