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ktel thessalonikis buses

The company’s fleet consists of a range of 120 buses, engineered by the most reliable bus makers:

  • MAN
  • BOVA

6 of them are 72-seat double decker buses, while the rest are 50-seat super high decker ones, 12 meters in width.

Our vehicles have an average age of 6 years, making our fleet one of the most modern in the world, as it goes for all of Greece’s KTEL services, which replaced the whole of their bus fleets (2002 to 2012).

Safety and comfort on every trip.

All of our buses have air conditioning and large luggage compartments.

Buses of the Thessaloniki – Athens route, are equipped with state-of-the art systems of climate control air conditioning, heating, ventilation, braking, stabilization, suspension, a low-level environmental disturbance euro5 engine and safety belts.

Technology – communication and entertainment throughout your journey.

For an even more comfortable journey, all of Thessaloniki-Athens route buses are fully equipped with wi-fi, gps, cd, video and dvd players, normal or TFT tv screens. Our driver is also supplied with a mobile phone, in case one of our passengers is in need of a call or in the event of an emergency contact.

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