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Corporate Responsibility

“KTEL THESSALONIKI S.A.” is serving:

A. The Thessaloniki-Athens line, starting from “MACEDONIA” terminus at 244, Giannitswn Street, at Menemeni Thessaloniki and ending at “KIFISOS” terminus at 100, Kifissou Street in Athens. There are normative stops on route, including: 69, Monastiriou Street in Thessaloniki, 24, September 3 Street at Omonoia Square and 2, Astiggos Street within the port of Piraeus.

B. The Municipality of Thessaloniki (not covered by OASTH), that is all lines connecting Thessaloniki with the settlements of the following (former) 9 Municipal units of Thessaloniki Prefecture: 1. Agios Georgios, 2. Apollonia, 3. Arethousa, 4. Vertiskou, 5. Egnatia, Kallindoiwn, 7. Madytos, 8. Rentina and 9. Sohou..

Most significant destinations within prefecture are: Asprovalta, Madytos, Rentina, Apollonia, Zagliveri, Sohos, Profitis, Xiropotamos, Askos.

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