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Board of Directors

KTEL THESSALONIKIS S.A. is a joint-stock, public limited company. It is managed by a council, elected following proceedings demonstrated by act 2190/1920.

The current KTEL THESSALONIKIS S.A. management board has a seven-member composition (term to FEB/8/2022).

Composed by:

  1. TSOLIS STEFANOS, Chairman of the Board
  2. TERZOPOULOS GEORGE, Chief Executive Officer
  3. MPIKOS IOANNIS, Deputy Managing Director
  4. HATZIS DEMETRIOS, Vice President

The management board is being aided by attorney Mr. Kyriakos Triantafilidis, company’s legal adviser and by Economist Mr. Athanasios Georgiadis, managing director.

The company’s chain of command is comprised of the following departments:

  • Secretariat
  • Finance
  • Treasury
  • Transportation Management Office
  • Ticket Offices
  • Ticket and Proceeds Window
  • Inspectors, Stationmasters, Drivers, Collectors, Supply Clerks

In the operation of KTEL THESSALONIKIS S.A. are also integrated:

    1. “THESSALONIKIS PREFECTURE KTEL SHAREHOLDERS UNION” (shareholder’s trade union commission) w/ its head office at 16, Langada St., Thessaloniki and Chairman Mr. Konstantinos Mitropoulos.


    1. A DEDICATED COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION of its former owners (office at Karaoli & Dimitriou (Diikitiriou) 30) headed by Chairman Mr. Vasilios Halkidis. It is a supply cooperative association, presently of limited operation/activity.


  1. A CO-INSURANCE COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION of its shareholders, (office at Karaoli & Dimitriou (Diikitiriou) 30) headed by Chairman Mr. Vasilios Halkidis. The insurance company of “KTEL THESSALONIKIS S.A.” in which buses of its fleet are insured. This insurance body, is reinsured by the larger cooperative association “CO-INSURANCE COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION OF PUBLIC USE MOTORIST PROFESSIONALS OF NORTH GREECE AND THESSALIAS LCA” who is in partnership with KTEL of North Greece, owns the “MACEDONIA” terminal station (Menemeni, Thessaloniki) and is chaired by Mr. Ioannis Lambrou.

Principal authority (of managerial and supervisory jurisdictions) is the Administrative division of the Central Macedonia Region (Regional Governor Apostolos Tzitzikostas).

Highest (in any given period) KTEL supervisor is the Minister of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks.

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